There are some of us who never want to “retire.” We are engaged in using our skills, hearts and minds to produce tangible products and needed services. We’re having fun. We are still working, full-time, part-time, or on-call. Or, we are using these skills in our volunteer activities. Makes no difference. We are working. And, we like it.

The old definition of retirement told us we were through with work. It was all over. We got the idea that when we retired, we could do anything we want to, of course within our financial and physical means. We were told we wouldn’t have to march to someone else’s drum anymore. That’s all we were told. So for some who got to retirement, confusion set in about “now what” do I do?

Let me give you a better way to look at your future. Life does not end until we leave this planet. Life continues. How lucky we are. We get to choose our path. Yes, we have mishaps along the way to an older age, but, our down times help define us. They make us into who we are. If we are of positive mind, we work through the mishaps and come out the other side with knowledge, wisdom, and experience. We can become a better person. If we are of negative mind, our life goes in a downhill direction. That’s not necessary.

So here is one way to stay on the path to Life, whether you choose to work or not.
Discover what you want the rest of your life to be like. You could possibly have another 30 to 40 years on earth. With all your history, you can choose what you want to do and make it happen. Oh, yes you can! It takes determination, fortitude, and a plan. And, sometimes someone to coach you to your goal.

There may be a part of you that has always wanted to come out and play, but you never had the time before. Well, once you have the time, use it well. Your end result could be continuing to work at what you love (what you love is the focus here), it could be a part-time involvement in a dream job, or if you are artistic, you could paint. There are so many options: like the CEO who becomes a carpenter, or the CPA who becomes an actor, or the doctor who opens a restaurant. And you can reverse it. The carpenter can become the CEO, the actor can become a CPA, and the restaurant guru can become a doctor. Oh yes, it is possible. It is whatever it is for you. You decide. Then resolve to do it.

Your life is in your hands. Make it the best of it for the rest of your life.