My new book, Revivement: Having a Life After Retirement, is pumping. Pumping is a skateboard term, which describes the action of flexing ones legs at the right spot on a transition to build up speed. Retirement is a huge transition.

See my book cover above and visit and you’ll get the picture. Yes, that’s really me on the skateboard. No, I’m not moving. The cover photo is a metaphor to underscore the message that we have the ability to move forward into this special time I call revivement and enjoy life after retirement.

How many people do you know who are in their third career at 78, and having a blast? I am! I’m going to share with you that most people are shocked by my age. I just tell them its good genes, good attitude, and good moisturizer. I also tell them that age is in the body, but youth is in the mind. I’m very open and honest about myself—the body may be flagging, but the spirit is high.

I also tell them that just because this planet has traveled around the sun 78 times that doesn’t make me old. I’m energetic, enthusiastic, and don’t ever plan to retire.

Additionally, I let people know that life hasn’t been easy, but it’s been good. I struggled in certain areas of my life. So I’m pretty normal. I’m not a Pollyanna. At the same time, I’ve always moved forward by learning and applying the lessons life has taught me. And, I continue to learn and grow.

Today, through my business HAVING A LIFE After Making a Living, I’m a professional speaker, workshop leader, and author focused on helping companies mitigate the issues they are facing as thousands of baby boomers retire. And, I’m helping pre- and present retirees plan a meaningful and fulfilling second half of life.

I’ve been fortunate to work at what I love to do to help people have their best life possible in my other two careers as well. For 25 years I provided services in training, coaching, and consulting in the field of Organizational Development and Behavior, and was a professional speaker. During the preceding 10 years, I enjoyed my work as an award-winning public relations professional.

I also wrote the award-winning book, From Making a Living to Having a Life, which I renamed to Wiser Ways to Work: From Making a Living to Having a Life. I’ve written many articles for newspapers and magazines nationwide, and presently have a monthly column in the North Bay Business Journal. I’ve also hosted a Cable TV interview talk show with business professionals, and appeared on radio and TV shows nationally. I’m an active member of my community and my Rotary Club.

Today, I am a voice for the issues of retirement and aging. If you go to my website:, you will get a flavor of my personality and see articles, blogs, programs, and more.

Please contact me at [email protected] or 415-259-7090 to invite me to speak, interview me, or to let me know of your interest in having me as a guest on your show.

Let’s start this conversation together about how to save the brain drain at workplaces, and how to retire and have a great second half of life. Both issues are vital, and need to be addressed nationwide now!

To get in touch with me call: 415-259-7090

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