Having a Life After Retirement

by Gloria Dunn-Violin


Change the word and change your mind by transforming retirement into revivement™ and, have your best life now!

Gloria Dunn-Violin has coined this new word and a new philosophy for your second half of life in her hot off the press book called Revivement: Having a Life After Retirement. She suggests with fervor that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth, and to renew and revitalize a life that has been waiting for this auspicious time. This book is a good friend for anyone contemplating retirement or already there.

If there is something you always wanted to do! Areas you wanted to explore! Ideas you wanted to create! Accomplishments you wanted to achieve! Now’s the time! Learn how to make your next years your best years by:

  • Receiving guidance on how to transition into your new life.
  • Unearthing and activating your dreams of long ago.
  • Finding purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.
  • Integrating the components of a wholesome and harmonious life.
  • Reading stories about real people’s challenges and successes.
  • Learning new scientific research and practices for longevity.
  • Overcoming ageism and increasing your brain smarts.
  • Using the book’s worksheets to develop a life you love.

Revivement: Having a Life After Retirement is filled with wisdom, guidance, stories, and worksheets to help you think through and plan your future. The book is an uplifting, inspiring, and forward thinking escort to your best life yet. It informs, entertains, and personalizes this major transition for you, the reader, and will show you how to make the best of your later years.

Gloria writes about how to plan the rest of your life, the beauties of age, and the ten keys to make a life of meaning and fulfillment. You’ll learn about purpose, community, volunteerism, on-going learning, and more ingredients of a good, wholesome second half of life. The 15 exercises with worksheets and two wrap-up forms at the back of the book— that you won’t find in any other book on this topic—will guide you to achieve your dreams.

Additionally, the book provides leading-edge scientific research that informs on how to make our brains smarter and younger; how to influence your genes for your health; and how to increase your longevity, and more.


Gloria Dunn-Violin relishes her third career. She is the author of Wiser Ways to Work, and a professional speaker, workshop leader and writer. She enjoyed 25 years in the workplace providing services in training, coaching, and consulting in Organizational Development and Behavior through her own business, Wiser Ways to Work. She spent the prior 10 years as an award-winning public relations professional. During this 35-year period, Gloria gave speeches, hosted a Cable TV talk show, and wrote articles for publications nationwide. She is an active member of her community and Rotary Club.