You’ve reached a juncture in your life, and you don’t know what’s next. You’ve either retired or been laid off from your job, ended a relationship, had a health scare, or experienced another big change. Now you are asking yourself, now what? What do I do now? What’s next in my life? How do I go to my next whatever? And, what is it?

Sometimes it seems that things happen to us out of the blue. All of a sudden our life falls apart, and we feel like we are standing naked in the rain and no one is offering us clothes or an umbrella. Those are hard times. If you’ve grown as a person, you’ve been there. Congratulations for making it to the other side.

Personally, I’ve been there many times. Not only has dramatic change occurred, but I usually have experienced several all at once. Oh my! How we endure. But we can and we do. Here are just two of the many examples I could share: I remember when I was a single Mom. I had divorced my first husband, started a new career and a new job, moved to a new area so my kids could have better schools, needed a new car, and had to deal with being single. And, the only money I had was what I was earning. Another time I lost my business with the downturn in the economy. The work I loved doing was gone, my income disappeared, and I got cancer. How’s that for a three in one. You get the picture.

We also know there are some things you can take charge of in the aftermath of your assumed downfall. Those are the things that take us over to a new beginning and a better life. Based on the path we choose, the downs take us to the highs, to a newer and better us, and often better circumstances. But, we need to do the work to make it happen.

What seems like the ultimate, it’s all over, can be the beginning of something better.
Retirement can be a time like that. People can’t wait to retire. They have thoughts of existence that are grandiose, but unrealistic. Some find a rude awakening after their last day at work. All of a sudden the schedule, the people, the meaning is gone. And, now what?

The new retirement model picks up retirees and directs them to a new life. It shows how the next 30 to 40 years of someone’s life can be the best ever. It uses all the skills, experiences, wisdom, and personal growth one has attained to this point, and takes that person to a more authentic self. That self is engaged in life, and being fully used. Now meaning and fulfillment become paramount goals and activity that follows supports one’s personal purpose.

You need a plan. You might need a coach to help you design and institute your plan.
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