We’ve been acculturated to save money, buy insurance, pay taxes, and own a home.
You may have all those things, but do you have a life plan? Now that we are living 30 to 40 more years after retirement, it is essential to design a plan to help you adjust to your new life after retirement.

You will no longer have work to fill your hours. Some of your contacts will be lost as you move on. You might even miss meetings. Okay, not likely, but you never know. Meetings don’t only tease your brain, but they give you social time with coworkers and colleagues. The work parties, social outings, teamwork, will be gone. Now, who are you going to play with?

A Life Plan helps you put all aspects of your life in place, so that you see yourself engaged in your future. You are not sitting at home waiting for life. You know what you want your life to be like.

Here are some life areas to think about:

Will you still want to work? Is there something you always wanted to do that you now have the time to put into action? Does it become a business, or a job, or a part-time activity? Or, do you love what you do so much that you want to continue it on a part-time basis? Or, do you want to go in a very opposite direction. Think CEO who becomes a sculpture, or a hairdresser than runs a financial firm. So many options.

What will your relationships be like? Will you join organizations, visit family more often. Our relationships are a key to us becoming who we are because we share so much of ourselves with them. By being authentic in our relationships, we grow inside ourselves.

An essential arena to focus on is your Self. Have you grown the self-regard, self-esteem, and self-approval that feels good from the inside out.

These and more areas are the work of life, and focusing on them in your retirement years is essential to enjoy the next phase of your life.