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She spent 25 years in the field of organizational behavior and, before that, a decade in public relations. It should not be a surprise what Gloria Dunn-Violin’s “third career” is all about. She is talking and writing about retirement. In fact, it’s not “retirement” as much as “revivement” says Dunn-Violin, whose latest book is “ReVivement: Having a Life After Making a Living” The book is out this month.



The New Retirement: A Paradigm Shift ( is a recurring column by Gloria Dunn-Violin (415-259-7090,, [email protected]). She is a professional speaker, seminar leader, and business consultant through her company, HAVING A LIFE After Making a Living. She has over 25 years experience in organizational behavior and development as a trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach. She also advises financial, insurance, and other businesses on how to provide their clients and employees with meaningful advice about aging and retirement.