Imagine being born at 50 years of age. Here you are with all the experience, wisdom, and skills that you’ve acquired the first half of your life. Now it’s time to use them. Welcome to the new retirement.

Whatever your age, it’s time to enjoy all you’ve accomplished throughout your life. It is also time to put in place those things you didn’t have time for before. What an opportunity!

Dr. Ken Dychtwald, author of Age Power, describes the transition between working and retiring as middlescence, which he says occurs to people in their 50’s to 70’s. Middlescence can be a time of confusion and frustration for many workers, especially those whose identity is tied directly to their jobs. But it is also a time of growth and reinvention.

If you are still working, start thinking about what you will do in the future. If you are near retirement, start planning what you will do. And, if you are already retired, assess your life and integrate what will make your life full. If you are happy, satisfied and feel fulfilled, you’ve got it together. If you don’t, it’s time to put some things in place for yourself so you can enjoy your future.

Here are a few ways to improve your life after retirement:

  1. Discover your purpose and mission in life, and enjoy the direction and satisfaction you gain when you let it guide you.
  2. If you need people and purpose, join volunteer groups. It’s a give and get scene. You contribute your time and abilities. You get friends, and, sometimes an extended family. You also keep your mind and body active, which is great for your health and your psyche.
  3. Make a list of activities you enjoy. Prioritize them. Some might give you a social outlet to spend time with others. You might enjoy some activities alone. Integrate them into your life one at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed.
  4. Be well. Find a lifestyle that includes healthy foods, exercise, and the right weight for your height and bone structure. Feed your brain the mental activity it requires to stay vibrant. Living healthy keeps you healthy.
  5. Take classes to keep your mind active and interested. Universities, community colleges, and workshops offer a plethora of educational and ‘how to’ classes that will help you grow your mind and spirit as well as give you new skills to enjoy your hobbies.