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Age differences make a better workplace

2021-12-15T10:15:04-08:00October 29th, 2017|North Bay Business Journal|

North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN Where did we get the idea that baby boomers and millennials can’t build good work relationships with each other? Why do we get caught up reinforcing this belief by using negative jargon that keeps us from finding good work partners, and limits our ability to achieve a successful business result? So what if the generations like to [...]

Need workers? Don’t overlook retrainable older applicants

2021-12-15T10:17:45-08:00September 29th, 2017|North Bay Business Journal|

North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN Human nature seems to follow this norm: Ignore an issue. Let disaster occur. Then fix it if its not too late. Not a very practical process. Often “the dangers of inaction,” are undermining us writes Joseph Coleman, author of “Unfinished Work: The Struggle to Build an Aging American Workforce.” This pattern is playing out in organizations throughout [...]

How to Reinvent Yourself After Disaster Strikes in 8 Steps

2021-12-16T20:44:38-08:00September 8th, 2017|Sixty and Me|

After you’ve been through a personal disaster there is usually an upside. It’s the time when you have regained your equilibrium and understood that you learned important lessons. You start making new and better decisions and feel proud that you made it through. But, how did you get there? I’ve been through several of these upheavals throughout my life and I’d like to tell you [...]

Why Working After Retirement is Good for Your Body, Mind and Soul

2021-12-16T20:44:34-08:00August 1st, 2017|Sixty and Me|

If you’re heading toward retirement, you’re probably fantasizing about: No more freeways! No more deadlines! No more stress! Working after retirement may not even be a thought. In fact, you may be thinking, “I’m free. I’ll never work again.” You may be one of the people who just worked for the paycheck. Or, you might have enjoyed your work, but felt it was all encompassing [...]

Tech solutions come from older adults

2021-12-15T10:23:59-08:00July 14th, 2017|North Bay Business Journal|

North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN Older adults continue to amaze us. At 77, John Glenn became the oldest person to go into space. At 86, Katherine Pelton swam the 200-meter butterfly in 3 minutes, 1.14 seconds, beating the men’s world record for that age group by more than 20 seconds. Today, at 94, John Goodenough has invented a glass-based battery that may [...]

Radio spot – It’s Your Money and Your Life

2021-12-16T20:44:30-08:00June 30th, 2017|Radio and TV|

Richard and Joe welcomed Gloria Dunn-Violin author of “Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living”. Gloria Dunn-Violin is a voice for the issues of retirement and aging. She has coined the new word revivement™ for a new philosophy for your second half of life. “ReVivement: Having a Life After Making a Living” is filled with wisdom, guidance, stories, and worksheets to help you think through and [...]

Speaking at the Commonwealth Club

2021-12-15T10:29:52-08:00June 30th, 2017|Blog|

Gloria Dunn-Violin, Author, Workshop Leader, Motivational Speaker Learn how to transform retirement into "revivement" and revitalize your later years. We will cover: how leading-edge scientific research can inform you in making your brain smarter and younger, how to influence your genes, and how to increase your longevity. Also learn how to plan the rest of your life—and about the beauty of age as well [...]

Age Out Loud – The Patricia Raskin Show

2021-12-16T20:44:24-08:00June 30th, 2017|Radio and TV|

Episode Description In the first half Patricia interviews Gloria Dunn, author of Revivement: Having a Life After Making a Living. She has coined this new word and a new philosophy for your second half of life in her hot off the press book. She suggests with fervor that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth, and to renew and revitalize a life [...]

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