Don’t Fall Off the Cliff with Retirement; Soar

2021-12-15T11:51:10-08:00April 22nd, 2015|North Bay Business Journal|

There are ways to live longer, healthier and happier Monday, March 16, 2015, 5:30 am By Gloria Dunn-Violin Only 14 percent of baby boomers have a written strategy for their retirement, according to the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Often, the busyness of work puts future planning on the back burner. Yet, once boomers retire they often are at a loss to know what to [...]

Do You Know How Old You Really Are?

2021-12-15T12:00:21-08:00November 3rd, 2014|Blog|

How old are you? I don’t mean chronologically. What is your real age? How do you feel? What is your attitude about your age? What do you think makes you young or old? How do you view people of different ages? I recently saw Ted Robinson, a 95-year old man, give a talk about his adventures in WWII, and about his relationship with then Navy [...]

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