How do you like the word change? Do you react favorably? Or do you want to hide yourself behind a steel door so it won’t happen to you.

Believe or not, you’ve been changing all of your life. Some of it was so gradual that you didn’t even notice. You went from being in your mother’s womb to finding yourself in this new and complicated world. Then each day, you made subtle changes as your body grew. You got new shoes, new socks, new jeans. One day you went to school. One day you got a job. You had relationships. New experiences have filled your life. Each is a change.

It’s not until we get blindsided by dramatic change do we react as if the world is either falling apart or falling in place. Those are wake-up calls—the alarm clock of your life. Often you don’t get to hit the snooze button. You need to deal with it. The more you resist, the harder it becomes.

If you want to enjoy the extra 30 to 40 years that might be yours, retirement is a great time to focus on you and what you can contribute to the world.

Rapid change is the name of the game in the 21st century. History shows us that all of the products and services that “used to be” have changed. I remember my Mother wringing out the clothes she washed in our washing machine with a rolling pin device. Then she had to hang them up on the clothes line to dry. Today our washing machines get out the excess water, and we have dryers. Good change. We call that progress. Our lives too progress.

Today we have multiple technologies to help and to frustrate us. Those who grew up with technology are riding the easy road, while us older folks struggle with apps, downloads, and a myriad of other great inventions. They are also good changes. Also, progress.

So the world around us is changing, and we have to progress with it.

You need a plan, and sometimes someone to coach you to develop a plan and make it happen.